1848 Waldorf Boulevard, Madison WI, 53719

The Building

Conveniently located on Madison’s west side, 1848 Waldorf has 20,000 square feet of specialized commercial space for several animal care specialists. Designed with state-of-the-art surgical suites offering an air-flow-controlled environment, the building is home to a veterinary surgical practice, a family practice, and a large modern veterinary hospital. Also on site are a veterinary rehabilitation clinic, and offices for a mobile equine clinic and the resident landscape architect. Built toward LEED standards the building has many environmentally responsible features that promote health for animals and humans.

The Healing Campus

The extensive grounds surrounding the building were designed for walking and contemplation. The landscape boasts native plant communities and bioretention ponds to collect and infiltrate water. Pathways meander through grasses and plants chosen to provide habitat for birds and butterflies and outdoor seating areas offer rest and reflection. The resident landscape architect, MaraLee Olson says, “Access to nature and the out-of-doors helps reduce anxiety and promote healing for patients and their families.”